August 4, 2018

Are You Nourished Adequately?

West Coast Anti Aging, LLC

   It is surprising to learn that about 45% of older individuals in the general population—and 84% to 100% in residential care facilities—are not adequately nourished. This results from “reduced” appetite and food intake, “impaired nutrient absorption”, and age-related medical and social changes. It’s not that people aren’t eating, they’re just not getting the nutrition they need, and you could be on your way to being just like that.

   In particular, an insufficient intake of quality protein can lead to loss of muscle mass, and that means men and women alike start to “SAG.”

   Especially around the abdomen, the arms, and the chin. For women this could be around the hips and buttocks which is not a good place for things to GATHER let’s say.

It means that you’ll have reduced strength, decreased bone mass, which is known as osteoporosis, low immunity, cognitive impairment, where you don’t think so good, and delayed wound and surgery recovery.

   Low protein intake is a strong independent predictor of mortality in aging people, so if you’re older than 40 you might want to make a special note about what I’m saying today. This problem leads to the functional decline known as frailty, a recognized geriatric syndrome.

   A second unfortunate factor is that, although calorie restriction (CR) has been shown to have beneficial, health-and-longevity effects, long-term adherence requires a major commitment of will power.

   These two factors together—reduced protein intake among the aging, and the unlikelihood that people will follow a CR regime—bring us to the Power Shake’s CR effects. Providing the benefits of CR without a reduction in food intake has now become a hot area of investigation within gerontology.

   Whey in its best form in this Power Shake is the solution.    

   West Coast Power Shake whey represents the highest-quality protein supplement for people of all ages, including aging persons—with a rich source of nutrients to stimulate protein synthesis and inhibit protein breakdown. Get a canister today and start feeling the difference.

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West Coast Anti Aging, LLC

August 4, 2018