May 4, 2024

Could this Garden Herb Fuel Your Virility?

West Coast Anti Aging, LLC

Growing in the garden of Roman emperor Charlemagne was a certain herb that fueled his virility.

Modern science indicates that it can do the same for other men, too.

Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study for six weeks. They recruited 60 men between 25 and 52 years old and had half of them take either the placebo or the herb every day.[1]

The researchers found that of the group that took the herb, 81% saw an increase in their libido and had greater energy levels.

The Romans used Fenugreek to help fuel their insatiable appetite

Even better, more than half of that group said their performance increased.

What is this herb?

The Romans called it “faenugraecum,” but we know it best as Fenugreek.

As we age, our body has less free testosterone available because of protein-binding globulins, or SHBG for short.[2]

These SHBG proteins will usually attach themselves to testosterone cells, preventing them from being used to fuel male libido.

But this T-Energex Supplement from West Coast Anti-Aging contains a special Fenugreek extract.

These Fenugreek extract molecules help keep SHBG in check…

Ensuring you have enough free testosterone well into old age without having to worry about losing your libido.

Here’s a Virility War Raging. Here’s How to Win It…

Soy has slowly infiltrated itself into our society and its impact on testosterone has been devastating.

Its estrogenic effects have contributed to men becoming weaker, more depressed, and for our purposes, ruined their virility.

This is soy at work. What’s worse, soy’s effects build up slowly. Before long — if not already — your libido and desire will be impacted.

Here the solution to that.

There is a substance — highly concentrated in certain foods — that can deplete soy’s nasty effects.

That’s special plant extract comes from Fenugreek that’s grown in the harshest condition on planet earth.  These harsh conditions create special molecule in the Fenugreek seeds that can help boost your own Testosterone production.

It turns out this substance helps balance estrogen and testosterone levels.

Making this substance key to keeping your virility well into old age.

Fortune Favors the Bold…And the Action Takers!

You don’t want to wait. I can’t stress how important it is to get started today.

Big industries will continue dumping testosterone-destroying chemicals in our environment. And manufacturers will continue using these same chemicals in the products we use every day.

bottleThere’s no way around it.

If you wait and do nothing, old age will continue to march forward and slowly rob you of the energy and satisfaction you could have RIGHT NOW.

That could mean losing out on decades of great performance…

Or living your life in isolation.

Many people get stuck on the merry-go-round trying one thing after another.

Everything you’ve read boils down to one simple question:

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Hormone Health?

Try T-Energex to Feel Better Now!


  1. Steels E, et al. “Physiological aspects of male libido enhanced by standardized trigonella foenum-graecum extract and mineral formulation.” Phytother Res. 2011;25(9):1294-1300.
  2. Hryb DJ, et al. “The effects of extracts of the roots of the stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) on the interactive of SHBG with its receptor on human prostatic membranes.” Planta Med. 1995;61(1):31-32.


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