August 18, 2018

Do You Want Your Children To Be SMARTER?

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Smart pediatricians, the ones that stay on top of the research, are urging pregnant women to take iodine due to an apparent epidemic in iodine deficiencies, reports Reuters.

The recommendation, published in the journal Pediatrics, comes as researchers recognize that an overabundance of processed foods in the American diet has led to less consumption of iodine-fortified table salt, (which is really not a good thing when you look at what it can do to you) leading to an uptick in iodine deficiencies.

Iodine is essential for a baby’s thyroid hormones and brain development, doctors with the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health admit in their first statement on iodine in the academy’s history.

Obviously iodine is critical to the fetal and child brain,” high-risk pregnancy expert Dr. Loralei Thornburg told Reuters. “Therefore having a diet that’s rich in iodine is critical.”

Research in the U.S. has found that one third of women who are pregnant are marginally iodine deficient, with only 15 percent of women taking iodine.

The Academy recommends pregnant women, and lactating mothers, should consume iodine every.

Iodine is something that every person needs and every single cell in your body needs iodine.

You need 20 to 50 milligrams, which is 20,000 micrograms to 50,000 micrograms of iodine a day, and everything that happens to you… depends on it.

Therapeutic FormulaWomen that are deficient in iodine (when they’re pregnant)… what happens to that baby? Possible mental retardation, and a lower IQ.

Mainstream research is finally getting around to admitting the importance of supplementing one’s diet with iodine.

Thermo-Sea is a whole food supplement containing naturally occurring Iodine derived from sea vegetables.

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