Ultra Cleanse is a professional strength body cleanser with ingredients to help fight free radicals, anti-viral properties, anti-fungal properties, anti-bacterial properties, helps maintain bowel regularity, supports the immune and lymphatic systems.*

Some of the benefits of Ultra Cleanse may include:

• Supports the body’s natural elimination of toxins
• Supports healthy energy levels and stamina
• Supports healthy skin
• Supports healthy energy levels
• Supports healthy liver functioning
• Supports the production of bile and the routine breakdown of dietary fats
• Supports the health and maintenance of joints
• Supports a healthy immune system
• Supports realistic and healthy weight management programs

Works well with all other West Coast liquids, including Thermo-Sea. Can be taken along with other West Coast liquids (some of our users prefer to mix our liquids with a little water and take all at once).

100% gluten free. There is nothing comparable to it on the market today.*

West Coast Bio-Topical Crèmes contain a Liposomal (Transdermal) Delivery System that is 200 times smaller than the human skin cell, allowing nutrients to absorb into the body within minutes.