Beyond Balsamico Flask

Beyond Balsamico Flask

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Deep inside a mountain there is a natural tunnel through the heart of that mountain, and inside that mountain are barrels made of a special Limousin oak, and inside that oak barrel is our brand, 3454 Balsamico. Why 3454, because it is stored at 3454 meter’s altitude.

What’s it doing there?

It’s sitting there for 10-years… maturing patiently at high altitude with low Oxygen condition.

We’ve done the work.

We know it takes at least 10 years before this rare, highly sought-after luxury delicacy called Balsamico develops it’s special creamy quality that makes it one of a kind.

Creating the highest quality is no easy feat, but we have done it.

Those who succeed are united by one thing: a real passion for taste.

In keeping with this philosophy, we offer our high-quality apple Balsamico in a classy, custom-designed glass flask that garners attention anywhere it’s shown.

The elegantly shaped flask and the exquisite packaging alone are a feast for anyone’s eyes.

This Beyond Balsamico will be available in its custom-designed glass flask just for you when you’re ready to get nutrient dense organic fruit in a tasty essence.


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