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100% All-Natural. Our proprietary Trans-Dermal Delivery System penetrates all seven layers of the dermis to bring maximum relief to the affected area, unlike most CBD topicals which are based in petroleum jelly or wax, leaving the active ingredients blocked from absorption.

Many CBD therapies are taken orally – and studies show up to 96% of CBD that enters the digestive system is destroyed before absorption.  Our Trans-Dermal Delivery System means that the body can use almost 100% of the CBD in each dose, eliminating the need for high dose oral supplements.* 100% Soy, Paraben, and Fragrance-Free.

Proven Benefits of CBD:

* Relieves Pain and Inflammation…
* Has Antipsychotic Effects…
* Reduces Anxiety…
* Helps to Fight Cancer…
* Relieves Nausea…
* May Treat Seizures and Other Neurological Disorders…
* Lowers Incidence of Diabetes.

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