EVELIZA Gluten Free Amino Acids

EVELIZA Gluten Free Amino Acids

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EVELIZA Gluten Free® is a cereal based essential amino acid formula in a very complex negentropic state, where the essential actors are found in special stereo chemical conditions, allowing perfect enzymatic recognition in the gut. Cereal compound in the form of a powder, contains 36 grams of essential nutrients, obtained from organic cereals.

Size: 40 individually packaged servings (20g each)

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Cooking denatures our foods and results in the destruction of a great quantity of the nutrient material, giving rise to diminishment in the organic defenses (or illness) and the reduction of life expectancy.*

That’s why this plant-based protein source is a big scientific breakthrough, that may help stop degenerative disorders and stop premature aging.* Comes in single-serving packets for ease of use.

• Essential Amino Acid Formula
• Perfectly balanced natural plant-based protein source
• Organic Whole Food with essential amino acids
• Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO
• Made from Amaranth and Quinoa grown high up in the Andes plus seaweed extract.
• Smooth, delicious flavor mixes easily with water.

Ingredients Eveliza: Amaranth, Quinoa Extract and Seaweed Extract Phaeophyta Dark and Rhodophyta Red

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EVELIZA Gluten Free


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