MaxT Crème

MaxT Crème

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100% All-Natural 1.7oz/50ml – Paraben and Fragrance Free

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Helps to support Free Testosterone levels while helping to keep other hormones in balance. This specific formula includes Homeopathic ingredients combined with triple strength herbal extracts for the most powerful synergistic complex available in this concentration to reduce the effects of aging and hormone loss.* 100% Soy, Paraben and Fragrance Free

Ingredients Max T: Muria Puama*, Water (Reverse Osmosis Processed), Maca Gold*, Organic Tribulus*, Lanol, Montanov, Sunflower Oil, Nettle Root*, Horny Goat Weed powder extract*, Liposome Delivery System, Capryloyl Glycin (vegetable origin antimicrobial) *in a base of organic grain alcohol 45-55%.

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