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Mountain Essence

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Apple: the seductive classic! There were once around 4000 varieties of the world’s most important fruit called an apple. Today, just under two thirds remain. They survived for a reason.

A very small, but exquisite portion of the apple is to be found in our 3454 Mountain Essence Apple Balsamico.

This fruity tasting Balsamico promises nothing less than singularly, sensual indulgence … which is guaranteed to inspire ambitious home cooks like yourself, just as much as the top award-winning chefs – and, of course, all those people sitting around the table.

Mountain Essence Balsamico is an entirely natural food product without any additives whatsoever. The secret behind its flavor lies in the Swiss fruits that are harvested when perfectly ripe. The perfect Swiss apples growing on traditional orchard trees are responsible for this exquisite Balsamico’s excellence and unique aromatic richness.

There is nothing like this anywhere.

Even prestigious, award-winning chefs, such as Franck Giovannini who has cooked up three Michelin stars in his Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier Switzerland, swear by this pure natural product and its unparalleled flavor.


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