August 29, 2019

Progesterone for WOMEN – and the dangers of synthetic estrogen

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Millions of women are still getting estrogen HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). If a woman has ever been to a doctor for help with menopause, they know about this.

A new study shows a connection between synthetic estrogen in HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and asthma. Women on HRT have a 54% higher risk. 1

That’s bad news on its own, but when you consider that lung function is your number one risk factor for death, it’s tragic.

HRT “therapy” isn’t therapy. What they’re giving you isn’t a real hormone, and it does nothing to help you with the real problems of menopause.

For most women, too much estrogen is the problem. Not too little.

Remember, you get extra estrogen from your food and your environment. Only looking at estrogen gives you only half the picture.

If you’re a woman, the missing link is progesterone, the “other” female hormone.

When menopause starts, progesterone falls to almost zero. Estrogen, on the other hand, only falls about 40 percent.

Progesterone maintains the healthy features you may not want to give up like:

  • Using fat better
  • Elevating your mood
  • Keeping your blood sugar normal
  • Boosting your sex drive
  • Protecting against some cancers
  • Bone building 2

In clinical trials, natural progesterone proved effective against bone loss. 3 Natural progesterone also proved to help reduce menopause symptoms without adding to breast cancer risks like prescription drugs do. 4

Research shows that natural progesterone replacement in aging females helps to improve insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. 5

A high-quality Progesterone cream like the ones from West Coast is often the best way to do it. The natural progesterone in the cream gets into your bloodstream and gently lifts your levels.

If you suspect that you might have a hormonal imbalance, try these natural West Coast cremes (below). The Exclusive Liposomal Delivery System offers maximum absorption of nutrients not found in common topicals.*

Progesterone Creme Progesterone works alongside estrogen and can help relieve PMS, may help protect from benign growths and may help prevent blood clots. Symptoms of low progesterone in women who aren’t pregnant include: headaches or migraines, mood changes, including anxiety or depression, and irregularity in the menstrual cycle.

Without progesterone, estrogen may become the dominant hormone. This can cause symptoms including: weight gain, decreased sex drive, mood swings, depression, PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, heavy bleeding, breast tenderness, fibrocystic breasts, fibroids, and gallbladder problems.

West Coast transdermal formulas of Micronized Natural Progesterone crème are derived from Wild Yam. Important for both men and women learn more

Youth enhancement creme for women DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the body. It’s naturally occurring and has broad-spectrum effects, playing an important role in every system, organ and tissue in the body learn more.

Testosterone is important for a strong libido, regulating and burning fat, maintaining a good muscle mass, increased energy, good bone density, regulating blood sugar, regulating blood pressure and preventing depression.

Youth Enhancement crème for Women is a specific formula of DHEA with homeopathic ingredients & herbal extracts that can help boost testosterone production naturally, and is designed specifically for women.



HG Creme HGH levels are extremely high in our youth keeping us energetic and healthy. By age 60, HGH levels have decreased 80% from the levels at age 20.*

West Coast HG Formula crème combines homeopathics and high potency herbal extracts in an Exclusive Liposomal Delivery System

Having enough HGH in your body could mean:

– Enhanced performance

– Increased Energy

– More muscle and denser bone

– Fewer wrinkles

– Better immune function and mood

– Clearer vision

Important for both men and women learn more

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