August 3, 2018

What Exactly Is A Cleanse And Why Would You Do This?

West Coast Anti Aging, LLC

If you eat, if you drink, if you breath the air, you have to understand what a cleanse is for.   Synthetic chemicals used to boost size and harvest and pesticides used to treat our foods are quietly destroying our health. The fact is that most of the foods found in supermarkets shelves these days are extremely low in minerals and nutrients.

Even “fresh” fruits and vegetables are denatured and lacking what they once had – that is just the world we live in today.

Truth is, foods that once fought and prevented acidity in our body are no longer as effective at doing so. If you’re wondering why that’s important, and what that means to you and your family, it’s because acidity is the breeding ground for poor health. And when you’re body is out of balance (as it relates to pH levels, you’re likely to have greater level of health issues).

In fact, it’s not at all uncommon to get sick from healthy foods now available to us. Don’t you find that statement a little strange?

Add to that the stress of today’s fast paced life and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. You see, over time the impurities that we take in daily, BUILD UP in our bodies and slowly inhibit vital functions.

Here is a quick example. It’s no different than how your car’s internal engine components get sludge and carbon build up when you use poor quality gas or you don’t get regular oil changes… before long – your car is not as responsive or as gas efficient as it once was and tends to break down more often.

While auto mechanics have a way of dealing with this engine build up by taking the engine apart, and stripping the engine down and cleaning off valves and other vital engine components that will improve your car’s performance, your body needs a little help with a cleansing process.

And the more acidic you are, the higher the negative impact will be on your vital organs and lymphatic systems (your body’s filtration system).

The most popular cleanse (and for good reason) is our master cleanse product called Ultra-Cleanse™.

All you do is take two dropperfuls in the morning, and two dropperfuls at night. It’s that simple.

You can use the Ultra-Cleanse™ everyday, as you’re most likely taking in toxins everyday.

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August 3, 2018